Welcome to ACCPH

We welcome you to ACCPH; we are open to all Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists who are full-time or part-time in private practice and those who work within an organisation and wish to belong to a professional body.

ACCPH is an independent self regulated UK professional body for qualified Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists. We accept members from all four modalities, including those using “non-standard” techniques like Spiritual Coaching, Abundance Coaching, Psychoneuroimmunology, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Evolutionary Psychology and many other approaches. We accept that NLP, (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is used in all of the areas we cover but we do not have a specific NLP section.

Important Changes to Teaching and Learning Standards – Course duration. LINK

ACCPH no longer accredits the courses for Borders Connect or any of their other trading names, (including www.coach-training.org). Their Organisational Membership and Accredited Trainer status has been revoked. Please do not contact us regarding this company as we have no responsibility for their business closure or debts. We have no information about them. Please contact your local Citizens Advice or Trading Standards Office to get information on how to proceed for refunds, etc.

You can join us and become a Member with a Home Study, Distance Learning or Online qualification*.

This organisation was established for a number of reasons:

  • To recognise and promote a large number of Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists who are taking or have undertaken nationally recognised home study courses but are excluded from other professional bodies.
  • To be a professional body that allows multi-modality membership. You do not need to join three bodies for say; coaching, counselling and hypnotherapy.
  • To promote contact and cooperation between Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists. To share knowledge, ideas and techniques.
  • To provide a professional body that accepts and welcomes the valuable work that Debt Counsellors do in the community.
  • To be a transparent organisation that the public can trust and use to find accredited and vetted Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists.
  • To provide CPD, (Continuing Professional Development) in different formats for members through our training providers
  • To include ACCPH conversion workshops to allow home study members to gain the required number of classroom hours to become fully accredited therapists and coaches.
  • To be a Professional Accrediting Body to accredit the courses of Organisational Members.
  • To protect Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists from inappropriate state regulation when we feel it could stifle diversity, creativity and the range of help our members offer to the public.
  • We, without reservation, accept that National Occupational Standards of learning are necessary to protect the public and will uphold them totally but we are anti-standardisation of training and content.Welcome. Joining the ACCPH is as easy as 1 2 3. All qualified Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapists are welcome

Anyone is welcome to become a member of ACCPH so long as they are a student of or have a recognised qualification in Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy.

We also have a section for Organisational Members; including training course providers. We also welcome applications from organisations wishing to have their courses accredited.

We welcome input from our members to expand our blog – we need fresh material on a regular basis. This is an ideal way to get yourself noticed by clients.

*The course must be recognised by ACCPH as of sufficient quality or be from an Ofqual awarding body or the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council.