Governing Committee

Governing Committee

Governing Committee of ACCPHACCPH has been set up by a group of highly experience and like-minded therapists and coaches. These members form the Governing Committee until new members are elected. These founding members recognised the benefits of having one professional body that encompasses most of the ‘talking therapy’ approaches today. These being Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. Many will say that Coaching is not therapy. Well we disagree. As coaches help their client’s to feel better about life and them self; their work is having a therapeutic effect on the client.

They also recognised that there are many people taking legitimate courses who cannot join the older and established professional bodies as they have undertaken learning at home or through work place training. ACCPH welcomes these hard working people as members.

We also recognised that there was a huge need for many valid courses to gain a quality accreditation, so we have initiated this.

This core of people are going to run ACCPH initially but will in time hold elections for more members to be on the Governing Body. These members will be elected to hold specific roles within ACCPH. These will be totally voluntary and not paid positions. Genuine expenses may be claimed back.

The initial core of Governing Committee, who will retain their positions until they decide to retire, are:

Dr. Richard Wain: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Non-standard coursesĀ and Memberships

Mr. Mark Gosbee MSc: Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching

Ms. Nicola Edwards: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Children’s Hypnotherapy.

Until new members are elected these people will be dealing with all enquiries and memberships. The Governing Committee envisages that we will require a total number of members of around 8. Each person working within a specified area of expertise. These positions will be advertised when the membership reaches a level that requires additional persons on the Governing Committee. Elections will be open to all Accredited, Senior and Fellow Members. This work is voluntary and carries no payment.