Just a quick introduction about ACCPH; it is an independent professional body and register for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists.

We aim to serve:

  • Professionals who hold recognised qualifications completed by home study, (distance learning). These being of a specific nationally recognised standard.
  • Professionals who hold recognised qualifications from attending a course over a period of time.
  • Members of the public and businesses who use are looking for a qualified counsellor, coach , psychotherapist or hypnotherapist.

The public and employers can verify with total confidence that the therapist or coach they are considering using actually has the qualification(s) they claim to have. We will have thoroughly vetted them before they are accepted into the ACCPH membership register. If they have a profile we will have checked them thoroughly for you.

We ensure they have up-to-date full Professional Liability Insurance. Practitioners have to provide ACCPH with a current insurance certificate when they join and annually after that.


About ACCPH - Accredited counsellors coaches psychotherapist and hypnotherapists

All Accreditation of courses and training will be of the highest standard and closely follow the level benchmarks set by Ofqual, the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council or similar bodies.

Because of this transparency and our membership profile database it allows any interested party to make an accurately informed decision about a therapist or coach. The profile on our website is short by design. It contains the information you require to check they are qualified and who they say they are. The practitioners website is the correct place for all their details and how they practice, etc.

For practitioners ACCPH gives you a very powerful professional platform to help you market your skills, qualifications, website, blog and social media transparently to a targeted audience.