Aims and Goals

ACCPH – Aims and Goals

The aims and goals of ACCPH is an incredible agendaACCPH has many aims and goals but our primary goal is to support its membership in private practice or within a workplace environment. This can be in any of the four areas of membership – counselling, coaching, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy. This means that our agenda is quite full.

Our primary goal is to be mutually inclusive and transparent:

  1. By promoting the skills of therapists and coaches in a transparent way. So as professionals they can market themselves in a more accountable way to their private clients or businesses.
  2. By giving members access to accredited courses and validated CPD to provide the tools they need to be successful in private practice.
  3. By giving members of the public, businesses and employers access to verified qualification information of our members; allowing them to make a more informed choice.
  4. By protecting practitioners and their clients by promoting ACCPH professional standards and ethics

We also aim:

  1. To acknowledge and support the various approaches in counselling, coaching, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy. This includes faith-based, non-standard and energy based approaches
  2. To acknowledge and support those working with Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology based therapy and coaching
  3. To acknowledge that trancework can be used in counselling, coaching, psychotherapy as well as hypnotherapy
  4. To support those in practice by offering advice and the sharing of knowledge and experience of members across all modalities

In addition the ACCPH has the following goals:

  • To raise the profile of the ACCPH with the public, employers, etc.
  • To accredit Organisational Members courses in line with Ofqual, the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council and other professional body standards to ensure high standards of education, training and practice of our members
  • To accept nationally accredited home study courses for membership
  • To offer practical Accreditation, (Conversion), Courses for Home Study Members to become fully accredited
  • To, (when possible), undertake research in our four areas of mind health and to make the results available
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and best practice via our website, Facebook, Blog and CPD workshops
  • To ensure regular updates of the above
  • To provide CPD events and to sponsor those of our Organisational Members
  • To have a Public Complaints Procedure for clients to make a formal complaint against any member.
  • To publish a quarterly journal featuring items and article, provided by our members. This will be in pdf format. This will be based on blog articles and material not published in the blog. (Available by subscription only).

As you can see we have a range of aims and goals – we need out members to make sure that we achieve them as soon as possible.