Code Of Conduct

Professional Code Of Conduct (Public)

All grades of members of the ACCPH agree to the Code of Conduct and Ethics outlined below.

  1. I ………………… hereby agree fully to these rules and regulations of this code of conduct regarding my membership of ACCPH.
  2. I shall always conduct my professional services with the highest propriety.
  3. I shall not infringe the codes of conduct of my profession and will not engage in any conduct that would reflect poorly on my morality, fellow practitioners or ACCPH.
  4. I shall not profess to cure any conditions presented by my clients.
  5. I will never use hypnotherapy or hypnosis as a means of entertainment (e.g. Stage Hypnosis).
  6. I will never take advantage of or enter into a sexual relationship with a client.
  7. I will keep my client’s affairs confidential, (law of the land withstanding).
  8. I shall accept that any client referred to me by a GP remains the responsibility of that GP, so agree to keep the GP or other relevant agencies informed of their patient’s progress.
  9. I shall never advise clients to discontinue any treatment prescribed by a GP or any other Registered Medical Practitioner.
  10. I shall at all times respect the integrity of other health care professionals.
  11. I shall not claim to have qualifications or credentials I have not earned. Neither shall I use designated letters to which I am not entitled.
  12. I will not become or remain a member of any organisation that has been found to be dangerous or fraudulent and may cause detriment to ACCPH.
  13. I accept the authority of the Disciplinary Committee regarding any breach of the above Code of Conduct and Ethics. I understand that the Disciplinary Committee can suspend or terminate my membership for infringement of the above Code.
  14. I solemnly swear to abide by this Code of Conduct and Ethics.