Quality Charter

Quality Charter

All Members are given the chance to become an Accredited Member. All Accredited Members have completed a guaranteed minimum of face-to-face teaching hours*. At ACCPH we have a commitment to ensure that all our members are as professional as possible and not only expect them to complete annual CPD but also to have undertaken attended practical teaching to learn their discipline fully.

Accredited Members demonstrate to the public and businesses that they are committed to fully developing themselves and their effectiveness in practice.Accretiation courses in counselling, coahing, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy

We offer a range of Accreditation Workshops where all Members can become Accredited Members after completion and proving they have gained the skills required. These are delivered by our Organisational Members so that we can offer them nationwide.

Our Quality Charter is our commitment to all members of the public and potential employers that all Accredited Members are trained to a high standard and that they continue to develop themselves with CPD and Supervision, (if required), for the first three years of membership.

Failure to follow these requirements or behaviour not in keeping with the Quality Charter will lead to your membership reverting to a lower grade or expulsion for repeated non-compliance.

All grades of ACCPH members agree to abide by the following stipulations of this Quality Charter:

  • Update knowledge required to improve the service they provide to the public or employers
  • Request supervision, support or guidance when situations occur for which they feel their skills are not adequate.
  • Accept that in some situations it is better to refer a client on to a more senior practitioner
  • Be totally accountable for their professional decisions or actions.
  • Be fully honest and completely transparent in all dealings with clients and employers.
  • Demonstrate total integrity and honesty in all dealings with clients and employers.
  • Comply with all of the ACCPH Code of Ethics and Standards
  • Comply with all laws in all dealings with clients and employers.
  • Maintain a record of CPD annual hours.

*We do have Accredited Members who many years of practical experience through their employment but not as much face-to-face training.