Standards & Quality

There are so many professional bodies and sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart. At ACCPH we are committed to complete transparency along with high standards and quality. We realise that there are a huge number of people with legitimate qualifications granted by Ofqual and Open & Distance Learning Quality Council regulated schools and that these are ignored by many organisations and employers. This is a shame as they have attained the correct standards and quality to be granted a nationally recognised qualification.The ACCPH has high and transparent standards for their members

ACCPH is not in partnership with any Ofqual or Open & Distance Learning Quality Council regulated awarding body but we accept any of their graduates with Level 2, 3 , 4 or 5 nationally recognised qualifications. Because we only accept graduates with qualifications we know are of a stringent quality it provides the public and employers complete guarantee that our members have their qualifications.

ACCPH also expects that all grades of member undertakes annual CPD.

We recommend that all new members undertake some supervision for their first three years of membership. This can be 1-2-1 with a recognised Supervisor or with a Peer Support Group.

We are not an Ofqual regulated body, however; we do accredit courses of Organisational Members. These accreditations are robust and somewhat similar to the Ofqual standards and quality. These will be either certificate or diploma level; 2, 3 or 4.

CPD workshops do not gain accreditations they are validated as being of sufficient quality. These will gain a certificate of attendance.

ACCPH sets high standards for validated CPD. In effect we provide the independent quality assurance required in the modern world. Only CPD we accept as of the correct standards and quality will be accepted as valid. This may be from sources that we do not directly validate but is from a provider that is respected within the industry to provide the requisite level for training

All Organisational Members providing courses for us to accredit go through robust procedure of verification.

We ensure that the organisation can provide:

  • The course content they submit
  • They have the correct qualified staff to deliver the course material
  • That they keep accurate records of a student’s progress
  • That they are financially sound and not likely to cease trading during the course

and other stringent criteria

Member Profiles

We are of the opinion that our member profile should be completely up to date with their major qualifications. Annual CPD may be listed if the member wishes to do so. The profile on our website is short by design. It contains the information you require to check they are qualified and who they say they are. The practitioners website is the correct place for all their details and how they practice, etc.

Therefore when a practitioner member states they have a qualification or certificate the public can be assured this is genuine. The fact that the member has a profile lets clients and employers know they have been thoroughly vetted by ACCPH.

Total transparency is required by all members.