Can I get a counselling/psychotherapy job in the NHS/Charity/School with my level 3 online/home study course?

It is very unlikely. You will need to go to college for 2-3 years and complete 450 hours of supervised practice. Then join the BACP not ACCPH.

Home study qualifications are for people who:
  • intend to work as a self-employed therapist
  • are already self-employed and need to expand their knowledge
  • are already employed in HR or management and need to expand their knowledge

Can you organise internships, placements or practice hours for me?

No. We do not get involved in this. We do not require them for you to become a member.


Can you organise supervision for me?

No. It is up to the individuals to make arrangements with someone local to them. Or use our supervisors via phone, Skye or face time.


If I take a course accredited by ACCPH why can I only join as a Member not an Accredited Member?

We accredit courses not people. The courses are accredited at levels depending on the courses content. We follow strict criteria. We cannot accredit your ability as a counsellor as we have no evidence in your ability. You will have the course knowledge but no practical skill set.
Accreditation is earned in a classroom with many supervised practice hours or by working in private practice gaining hours of practice with clients.
(See the next question for how to become accredited).

How do I become accredited?

Our process is very different to other organisations. We do not require hundreds of supervised practice hours.

There are two routes to accredited status with ACCPH:

1) You need to study a course that has sufficient face-to-face hours training. (See course requirements). We can take into account training in a related topic.

2) You become a Member and after you have completed 100 hours of seeing clients you may apply for your membership to be upgraded to Accredited Member. You have upto 3 years to do this.


Do you take into account prior learning and experience for membership?

Yes, within reason. Example: If you are a fully qualified coach with years of experience and take a home study course in counselling. That prior experience would allow you to join as an Accredited Member.

If your original training was in Business Management we may or may not accept that. It depends on the role you had in management.

(Also see the following two FAQs).


I work in HR and have done so for 8 years. Will this help me if I learn coaching or NLP to use in my work? Can I join ACCPH with those qualifications?

Yes on both counts. We would be able to grant Accredited or Senior Member status.


I have been a teacher and form tutor for 15 years but want to change career to Life Coaching teenagers. Does my experience count for anything?

Yes. As a form tutor you acting in a pastoral role all the time. So long as the coaching course is a level 4 we would grant you Accredited Member status. With further information we may be able to grant Senior Member due to the 15 years of experience.


Will my counselling/coaching/hypnotherapy qualification accredited by you allow me to work anywhere in the world?

You will have to look at the framework in the country you are looking at working in. All countries are different and we do not keep copies of their requirements at ACCPH.


You accredit the course I have taken but I am not accredited. Why not?

When we accredit a course it is done on the content of it. Providers want a course to be a particular level. We have descriptors for that level the course has to meet. Our descriptors vary for Home Study and Attendance courses. It also differs for Certificate and Diploma levels. (Course Criteria)

ACCPH requires that a person has a minimum number of practice or client hours to be of sufficient experience to be classed as Accredited. Therefore; a home study certificate with 3 case studies to make comments on does not count as real life experience. So will not allow you to be an Accredited Member.


Can I join any other professional association with a course you accredit?

You will have to ask the organisation you wish to join directly.