When you join ACCPH it entitles to all the benefits listed below.


Membership assessment is transparent and easy with affordable membership fees. You are eligible to claim income tax relief on your membership subscriptions.

We allow membership for full time, part time, paid or volunteer therapists and coaches. This includes private practice and in employment.

We have membership for students as well as graduates. Student members can apply for the NUS Extra Card.

Benefits of joining ACCPH as a coach, psychotherapist or hypnotherapistFor practitioners ACCPH gives you a very powerful platform to help you market your skills, qualifications, website, blog and social media transparently to a targeted audience.

Being showcased by a professional body is especially important when your qualifications are home study based.

Becoming a Member of ACCPH differentiates you from other home study practitioners and allows your achievements to be viewed by many who probably would not have seen them. Your profile is there 24/7 in the public domain proving that you have the qualifications you claim.

Once you are a Member of ACCPH you will have chance to produce a free public profile that the public, potential customers and possible employers will be able to search and verify your professional qualifications and status.

We have our own stringent Code of Ethics and Standards and everyone who is an Accredited Member or higher will be put on our Voluntary Register.

ACCPH treat counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as vocations so we endeavour to make our members feel supported and of significant value. We see you as a practitioner not just a number.

We pride ourselves on listening to what our members have to say and we share ideas with all our members via a private Facebook page.

We actively encourage members to write quality articles for our blog.


ACCPH has discounted Professional indemnity insurance schemesYou will get discounted insurance rates due to our association with some leading brokers.

CPD and Accreditation Training

All members will have access to a substantial range of training at significant discounts.  This includes specialist therapy and coaching marketing training.

Digital Badges

Benefits of joining ACCPH All accredited members of ACCPH get this digital badgeAll members will have access to the specific badges for their membership grade. This will clearly state, Member, Accredited Member, Senior Member or Fellow. Your badge is your professional recognition and acknowledgement of your qualification level, skill and competence.

Digital badges are to be displayed on your profile and your website with a link back to your profile. You can put it on your CV, etc.

Website design

Preferential service with our recommended website designer.

Regular Exclusive Deals

From time to time one of our associate companies may have a special offer that will be available to members only. These will be sent via an email.

As you can see there are amny benefits of joining ACCPH, can you afford to miss out on them?