Accredited Supervisors

Accredited Supervisors

Before booking with an Accredited Supervisor Please refer to our supervision requirements page. Supervision may differ for the different therapies and coaching we accredit.

Supervision is usually an essential part of working with clients be they adults or children. The purpose of clinical supervision is for the supervisor to help the supervisee become more effective in helping clients. The role of a supervisor is to provide support and advice upon issues that arise during their sessions. These may be matters of techniques, relationships, difficult problems, ethical decisions or issues that impact personally upon the supervisee caused by the situation of a client.

Approved supervisors have not done different courses,  depending on their area of expertise. They should not stray outside their specialist area to supervise people from other areas.

Our accredited supervisors are listed below by area:



Nigel Leonard

Based and mostly work within the Medway area of Kent, but also offer 1:1 supervision and mentoring to qualified counsellors and life coaches living outside of my local area, via SKYPE or telephone.

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