CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Policy

ACCPH defines CPD as:

‘Specific learning activities through which practitioners develop and enhance their knowledge and skills throughout their careers’.

The concept being to ensure that practitioners increase their capacity to practise safely, effectively and legally within their field. It ensures that they keep stay up-to-date with new ideas and techniques within that field.

Continuing Professional Development CPD for counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy

Using a variety of learning opportunities practising ACCPH members can keep abreast of relevant new developments and techniques within their field. Effective CPD should ensure that you stay up-to-date and safe to practise. ACCPH recommends that its members undertake 15 hours per annum.

ACCPH recognises that our members are intelligent professionals capable of making their own choices about what CPD serves them best. Although we ‘approve’, ‘validate’ and accredit CPD courses and workshops we do not stipulate what CPD you must do.

ACCPH actively encourages cross-therapy CPD. Counsellors can develop professional relaxation and Guided Imagery work from hypnotherapists; hypnotherapists can find different forms of psychotherapy useful to their work; coaches can pick up very useful skills from all the therapies we cater for.

We recognise a wide range of activities which you can count towards your CPD hours.

These could include, for example:
• Personal attendance at seminars & workshops
• Workshops at conferences
• Advanced training courses
• Home study – online training, DVD’s, etc
• Reading a new but related book
• Internet research
• Receiving mentoring which enhances learning and development
• First aid instruction
• Marketing training and business development
• Communication skills
• Questioning and listening skills
• Understanding micro body language
• Alternative psychological approaches
• NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming
• Neuroscience and how to use in therapy and coaching

Supervision cannot usually be submitted as CPD. An exception could be a guest speaker talk in a Peer Supervision Group.

Whichever activities you decide upon you must ensure they comply with the following:

  • That it enhances your professional service provided to clients.
  • That it improves your knowledge
  • ACCPH recommends that 8 hours CPD must be directly related to the practitioners main field or approach.
  • ACCPH recommends that at least 2 CPD activities be carried out, with no more than 8 hours spent on any single activity in one year. (You may complete several courses that take up all 15 hours).

Members who undertake Continuing Professional Development as a requirement of another professional body may use this providing that it is relevant to their ACCPH membership.

Many practitioners over think which activities to undertake. The following questions may help:

What am I weak at?
What do I need to learn to improve?
Does this activity I keep up with modern practices or teach new techniques?
What can I gain from learning from other practitioners in different fields?
I want to specialise in a particular niche, what types of course/workshops would be most useful for my learning style?

Policy for Employed Members.

ACCPH recognises that most employers are not at all bothered about CPD – you have got your qualification and that is all that matters. Thankfully there are others that value Continuing Professional Development and will either pay for it or allow time off to attend.

We encourage Employed Members to still undertake CPD in their own time just to ensure that they stay up-to-date and keep ahead of the pack when it comes to promotion.