Organisational Membership

Organisational Membership

We welcome Organisational Membership applications from Open Colleges, Coaching, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and other training organisations.

Your Organisational Membership, as a Training Provider, will allow your graduates to join a professional body as;

  • a Member with a Home Study/Distance Learning diploma
  • an Accredited Member with an Attendance Based course diploma

As stated elsewhere on this site to be fully Accredited Members applicants must have completed the required hours of face-to-face training. For information on these requirements follow this LINK.

Organisational membership: can sell their training course after accreditation by ACCPHIf a provider is wanting us to accredit their course at Level 2 -7 equivalent they must demonstrate that it is at that level and that they are able to deliver the course effectively. Also that they will keep a thorough ‘paper trail’ for each student as evidence of progress.

To ACCPH Coaching, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy are vocations and not just a ‘job’ that you train for. This ethos should be reflected in all major courses we accredit.

One of our primary visions is to protect Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists from inappropriate state regulation when we feel it could stifle diversity, creativity and the range of help our members offer to the public. We are anti-standardisation of training but accept that is many cases National Occupational Standards are required to protect the public.

With this in mind we are willing to look at courses that do not follow mainstream views, but must still be based on one of our four modalities of client work.

We endeavour to make sure that all our members have access to a wide range of coaching and therapy approaches and training routes. We acknowledge and support spiritual or faith-based approaches as well as alternative approaches.

ACCPH believes that your membership is a sign of recognition that your organisation has a commitment to high quality training; along with professional and ethical practice.

Only Organisational Members can apply to have their Ofqual, CPD and Level 2 – 7 courses accredited. See bottom of page.

Becoming an Organisational Member can enhance the standing of your training courses as well as opening the door to a range of members that you can promote too.

To become a ACCPH organisational member, your organisation must:

  • be relevant to and support ACCPH’s aims and objectives
  • preferably have been in existence for a year before applying for membership, (new ventures may be accepted, please ask)
  • possess a course administrative structure compatible with ACCPH requirements
  • teaches a Code of Ethics and Practice compatible with ACCPH requirements
  • have a Health and Safely Policy (Attendance courses only)
  • have an Equal Opportunities Policy – as it applies to the course you are wanting accredited
  • provide Terms & Conditions of business including Complaints Handling and Refund Policies

If you do not have the last four items listed we will provide templates for you to follow.


Organisational members get an ACCPH digital badgeOrganisational Members will get a digital badge to use on their website, letterhead, cards and social media stating that they are an Organisational Member of ACCPH.

You will also get a digital badge stating Accredited Course. This badge does not state if the course is CPD or at Level 2 -7. We rely on your honesty to not use it on courses we do not accredit. This digital badge can be added to your certificates.

Any course that is accredited by an Ofqual regulated body will be accredited at the same level by ACCPH.

Annual Membership Fees

Organisational Membership: 

There is an annual fee of £100 for all organisations. We also prefer that at least one tutor is also a Senior Accredited Member. Your students will probably find it strange that you do not belong to the organisation that accredits the course and they can join.

(For larger home study only companies we accept this is not always possible for a director to be a member).

ACCPH Organisational Membership Application form Standards for Training and Education


Organisational Member Application form


Course Accreditation Fees

We do not charge for the original accreditation of courses for Organisational Members. Accreditation lasts for 5 years. Then it is time for a review and re-accreditation occurs. There is a £50 fee for this. The new accreditation last 5 years.

If you have to revise the courses due new regulations or change the content; or the way it is delivered then it will need to be re-accredited for which there is a £50 charge.


Membership Certificates (Optional)

Your training organisation will receive a pdf of the Certificate of Organisational Membership from ACCPH.

If you want one printed with a foil seal we charge £25 for the printing, postage and packing.

It will state the highest level of course you have been accredited for. Level upgrade certificates will be issued whenever appropriate free of charge.

If membership lapses all certificates and digital badges must be removed from display. Failure to do so may incur further action by ACCPH.