Our training standards for course providers are now benchmarked against Ofqual level criteria or those expected by the PSA Voluntary Accreditation Register scheme.

ACCPH Training we look for Five gold stars for qualityWhen a diploma or certificate level has been granted by an Ofqual regulated body we accept it as meeting the required training standard. These organisations will not be vetted and we will accept all their courses that are accredited. Should they have non-Ofqual courses we would follow the standard accreditation process for that training course.

When we accredit a course for an independent training provider we benchmark against the above levels. If the course does not fit these we will not accredit it. Over time we will provide full guidelines for the counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for course providers to follow.

We will vet all training course providers to ensure they are qualified to teach the course/s they want accredited and they are able to teach it.
In making this commitment we ensure that the public are assured of a quality course by a provider that can deliver what it claims. In doing so the ACCPH is demonstrating commitment to ensuring that the training can be independently verified as meeting national recognised standards.
Membership of a professional body is vital to your students; it bestows professional standing and gives your organisation a place in the market.

Accredited status for a course is granted for a period of 5 years and subject to an annual renewal fee. (Should a new Core Curriculum or regulation be introduced during those 5 years evidence will have to be provided that they have been incorporated into the course).

We cannot accredit courses of non-member organisations.

ACCPH sets teaching, learning and contact hours for all courses. Distance learning does not have contact hours. There also set methods of assessment and these must be adhered to.