Procedure for Course Accreditation

General Procedure for Course Accreditation Levels 2, 3 or 4

All of the courses accredited by ACCPH have to adhere to a strict set of criteria to ensure quality of training.

Course accreditation for Level 2, 3 and 4 courses by ACCPHPlease be aware that when we accept training providers for membership we accredit or quality check every course that they offer. Please note that we cannot recommend one course over another.

 Download procedure for course accreditation Standards for Training and Education

pdf for Accredited Courses at Level 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.


ACCPH has a primary role is the advancement of counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in private practice. Part of this role is to encourage of all our training providers to excel in what they provide.

Membership of a professional body is vital to your students; it bestows professional standing and gives your organisation a place in the market.

Once Accredited status is granted for a course is lasts for a period of 5 years and is not subject to an annual renewal fee. (Should a new Core Curriculum or regulation be introduced during those 5 years evidence will have to be provided that they have been incorporated into the course. A new accreditation is charged at £50). After the 5 years we reaccredit the course at £50 for another 5 years.

We cannot accredit courses of non-member organisations. You must join as an Organisational Member. We also expect at least one tutor to join as a Senior Member.

You must not claim accreditation before it is officially granted, or if you or ACCPH terminate the accreditation. You may only use our Accredited Course badge during the accredited period. Using it at anyother time breaches our copyright and we will pursue you on this matter.

Course Accreditation Procedure

Course accreditaion or validation for CPD workshopsAccreditation of a course by ACCPH is quite a robust process which can take some time to complete. Applicants for Course Accreditation are welcome to contact the us by email for an initial discussion.

ACCPH has an easy to understand process for training course providers which begins with that initial email contact. We will then arrange a telephone meeting to discuss your course with a senior trainer.

During this call we will ask you a series of questions to get a “rough outline” of your course and to determine if it is likely to be accreditable. You will be told which sections may fall short of our expectations.

Formal processes only begin when we feel that we can probably go ahead with your course accreditation.

The Formal Procedure

Complete in full the initial application form. Your course will be checked against our General Standards Guidelines but with added relevance to the course subject area.

ACCPH Initial Course Application form Standards for Training and Education


Word doc printable Initial Course Application form.


You will need to supply copies of the course manual and any other supporting material. Please make it very clear on your application which parts are relevant to the course. If the course does not have a manual/workbook you will need to explain very clearly why it is not necessary.

You may send us pdf’s of all materials asked for on the Initial Course Application via email. All documents submitted must be page numbered and clearly titled. If the course includes video or audio lessons these must be sent on discs or flash drives. The Initial Course Application form must contain original signatures only. Please return this by post. We will pair this up with the supporting evidence emailed to us.

Ensure that your organisation has become a member of ACCPH and the relevant person of responsibility has applied for and been accepted as an Accredited or Senior Member. (The personal membership can be waived for some Ofqual regulated bodies).

Pay the non-refundable course accreditation application fee, if applicable.

The Accreditation Process

ACCPH will review the materials you have sent with your application form. If there are any points that need clarification we will contact you. The accreditation procedure is halted until these have been rectified.

When we are satisfied that your course is accreditable we will let you know within two working days.

In some rare cases we may feel a site visit is necessary, if we do the costs of this will be passed on to you.


Course accreditation is subject to the course provider continuing to meet our Course Accreditation criteria. It is renewed every 5 years or sooner if the course changes. We need to be notified of any changes to keep your accreditation valid.


Accreditation Process for Additional Courses

Please use the Additional Courses application form to do this. These accreditations are usually much faster than the initial one as we only have to check the quality of the course.

ACCPH Additional Course Application form Standards for Training and EducationWord doc printable Additional Course Application form.