Standards for CPD Providers

Standards for CPD Providers


CPD validation by ACCPHIn setting its minimum standards for CPD courses ACCPH accepts it is demanding a great deal from its training providers. We do not expect the training to parallel Ofqual but we do demand that it is of high quality. However; have a flexible and approach and take into account the huge range approaches within counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

ACCPH not only looks at course quality but also quantity – is there actually enough content to fill the time quoted or is there too much and the attendees will be rushed to finish the content. However; all validated courses must demonstrate that they meet the educational requirements appropriate to their approach and level and scope of training.

We also recognise that a range of learning platforms are provided to practitioners in the modern world.

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The General Standards for CPD

Course Quality
General standards and principles to be included in any Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy training course.
Training must inform students of the following :

  • Respect for the client’s autonomy, cultural differences and rights.
  • Practitioner awareness of the limits of their level of competence after the end of the event
  • Awareness of the importance of personal development and CPD
  • Maintain professional boundaries


Course content
Training must include a balance of theory (and practice when applicable). This practice may be face-to-face or set home study case studies that have to be recorded and documented.


Coherence and cohesion
The training course must be a coherent programme which follows a logical progression so that the students’ theoretical knowledge, personal development and practical experience can develop fully.


Teaching, Learning (and Contact hours)
The teaching staff must be sufficiently educated and experienced to ensure that students are correctly taught. it is preferable that at least 2 tutors are available to complete a course. Should the main tutor be ill a substitute should be available to stand in.

CPD course must be no less than 6 hours.


CPD does not need to be assessed but we do expect that a Certificate of Attendance/Completion is given.

Application for CPD Validation

Please download the Additional Course Application Form below. Complete it and email or post to ACCPH. On the line that says What Level are you aiming at for this course? Please write CPD Validation only.

CPD validation form for ACCPH